Annexure A

Criteria prescribed for establishing the eligibility of the applicants for allotment of plots/flats under the Relocation Scheme:

1.The applicant should have established his unit prior to 19/04/1996 i.e. the date on which this Hon'ble Supreme Court directed that no industry should come up in the residential areas without the permission of High Power Committee and without obtaining the necessary consent from the statutory authorities. Applicant should furnish any one of the following documents for establishing the existence of the units prior to 19/04/1996:

Sl.No. Documents
a Municipal Corporation License ( renewed upto 31/03/1995 )
b Permanent S.S.I. Registration
c Sales Tax Regn. of Mfg.
d Excise Regn. for Mfg
e Regn. under Factories Act
f Drug License, if unit is mfg. item covered under Drug Act
g Test Report from B.I.S., R.T.C., Q.M.S. Certificate issued by the Officer of C.I. etc.,
h Manufacturers Certificate in case of House-hold Electrical Appliances
i B.I.S,. License
j Regn. with E.P.C. as Manufacturer Exporter
k Copy of the Challan issued by the DDA or MCD or DVB within last five years for running the industry
l* Power Bill showing misuse charges for running an industry in non-conforming are
m** Income Tax Return of the Industr
n** Receipt showing that unit has applied for permission to 'High Power Committee'
  • In case the Power Bill is not in the name of the applicant unit, proper-linkages will have to be established between the person / unit in whose name the power has been sanctioned / installed and the applicant unit.
  • Documents mentioned at 'm' & 'n' will have to be supported by any of the other documents listed above.
  • The applicant unit should be located in any non - conforming area.
  • The manufacturing activity / process should not be included in the Group - 'H' of the Master Plan of Delhi - 2001.
  • The name of the applicant unit should not be included in the list of H(a) or H(b) category of industries identified for closure by this Hon'ble Court.
  • The applicant unit should have deposited the requisite amount of earnest money.
  • The units covered under 'A' category in urban residential areas and A and A1 category in rural residential areas and conforming the Master Plan parameters applicable to these categories shall not be eligible for allotment of industrial plots / flats.
  • No scrutiny needs to be done in respect of applicants whose names were included in the list containing names of 43,045 industries who applied for grant of permission to 'High Power Committee' for operating in the residential area and also in the list compiled by DPCC on the basis of survey conducted by them.
  • Small Size flatted factories having area of 15 to 25 sq. mtrs. shall be considered for allotment to smaller and tiny units which have deposited the requisite earnest money prescribed for smaller flat i.e., Rs.10,000/-.
  • Only those units who have an industrial flat / plot building in their name in conforming areas shall be disqualified under the scheme. An industrial flat / plot building in the name of any Partner / Director of the applicant unit ( as the case may be) as a separate entity will not disqualify the applicant unit from allotment of industrial accommodation under the 'Relocation Scheme'.
  • Entitlement of the land to the individual eligible units shall be as follows : -
  • No cut in respect of units requiring upto 100 plot of land.
  • 25% cut in respect of plot size measuring from 101 to 200 subject to minimum size of plot being retained at 100
  • 30% cut with regard to plots measuring from 201 to 300 and
  • 35% cut with regard to plots measuring from 301 to 400 sq. mtr
  • The above entitlement shall be rounded off to the nearest lower multiple of 50. No application shall be allotted plot area in excess of double the area presently occupied by the unit. Keeping in view the scarcity of land, the units who have applied for 400 sq. mtr. and more will be offered a maximum of 250 only. The applicant may restrict its activities within this area.
  • Units located in Local Commercial shall be considered for allotment of such units are otherwiseeligible as per the eligibility criteria. However, units located in commercial areas and holding MCL under local commercial category and functioning within the parameters prescribed for such industries in MPD - 2001 shall not be considered for allotment of alternate industrial accommodation.
  • It has been decided that MCL in the name of family member of the applicant unit may be accepted to establish the eligibility of the applicant, the following relationship may be accepted for giving the benefit of MCL.
  • Applicant being son / daughter in case the MCL in the name of his / her father / mother.
  • The spouse being applicant in case the MCL is in the name of other spouse.
  • Applicant being grand-son / grand-daughter of the person in whose favour MCL has been issued.
  • It has been decided that the units which have existed prior to 19/04/1996 and have been shifted after the cut-off date may be allowed alternate industrial plot under the Relocation Scheme if otherwise found eligible.
  • Any correspondence / letter issued by a Government Department showing carrying out of industrial activity by the applicant unit is also acceptable for ascertaining date of establishment & eligibility of the applicant unit.
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