Annexure - G

In pursuance of the interim instruction of the Supreme Court of India in Civil Writ Petition No 4677/85.M.C Mehta Vs Union of India & others in I.A No 22/95 the following instructions are issued for compliance by the concerned authorities:-

  1. No new S.S.I registration shall be given to any unit in non confirming areas irrespective of the fact whether the unit has MCL:/Ad-hoc MCL/Ad-hoc MCR.
  2. No unit shall be given S.S.I Registration irrespective of the fact whether it is located in a confirming areas unless it is able to furnish a clearance certificate/consent from Delhi Pollution Control Committee.

"Provisional Registration under SSI category is however allowed to industries functioning in residential/non- conforming areas of Delhi provided they have been allotted alternative Industrial accommodation by DSIDC under the Relocation Scheme of Govt. of NCT of Delhi. The provisional Registration is granted only at the newly allotted sites in the approved Industrial area. In case of units which are already registered with the Industries Department at their existing sites on the permanent basis, new premises will be allowed on provisional basis in the existing permanent registration certificate held by them on submission of requisite documents prescribed for grant of provisional registration. In order to ensure expeditious shifting of Industries ,provisional registration to relocating industries is being granted with validity period of one year only, which may be extended depending upon progress made by the applicant in the construction of the factory building and other steps taken to shift the factory at new site."

With a view to simplify the procedure and streamline the consent mechanism to various categories of industries, it has been decided by the Delhi Pollution Control Committee, vide office order No. PA/CHAIRMAN/ DPCC/ 99/ es450 dated 5.7.99 to categories the industries as listed in Annexure III inMPD-2001 under the heading "Classification of Industries" into Green, Orange and red Category.

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