Parameters required to setup house hold/service industries as per Master Plan 2021.

  1. Household industrial units with maximum 5 workers and 5 kilowatt power may be allowed to continue in residential areas and new industrial units of this type could be permitted in residential areas subject to the condition that no polluting industrial unit shall be permitted as household industry.
  2. The industrial units could be permitted only after provisional registration by the Govt. of NCTD.
  3. Household industrial units shall be allowed on any floor to the extent of 50% of permissible floor area of the dwelling unit.
  4. Further additions/alterations to the list of Household Industries could be made, if considered appropriate and in public interest by the Central Government to do so.
  5. No inflammable or hazardous substance is permitted to be stored.
  6. Separate industrial electric connection (single phase) and Municipal License, would be necessary to set up a household industry.
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