Projects and Schemes

Relocation of Industries Functioning in Residential Areas

In the year1996, in a public interest litigation (M.C. Mehta Vs. Union of India & Other) Hon’ble Supreme Court had observed inter-alia that industrial activities in Delhi should be permitted only in accordance with the provisions of the Master Plan of Delhi 2001.

In April 1996, under the said Court orders, a High Power Committee was constituted to examine the permissibility of industries in residential areas in Delhi, and to grant such industries permission to operate from their existing locations, failing which, they were required to close down w.e.f. 01/01/1997.

Considering emergence of large scale unemployment of workers and other related problems in the event of closure of industrial units operating in the residential non-conforming areas, Hon’ble Supreme Court agreed to the proposal of the Government of Delhi for relocation of Industries functioning in the residential/non conforming areas to conforming use zones by developing new industrial areas and flatted factory complexes.

Department of Industries, Govt. of Delhi invited applications from the units operating in residential/non-conforming areas for allotment of industrial plots/flats. The department received a total of 51851 applications which were examined by the department and after scrutiny 27905 cases were recommended for allotment of alternative plots.

As per progress report received from the DSIIDC till August, 2007 – 22749 units have been allotted specific plots/flats. 549 eligible applicants are still awaiting allotments of plots for want of land. Refund of earnest money has been made by the DSIIDC to 15748 applicants. It is further added that DSIIDC is the custodian of relocation files and all files are with the DSIIDC including those where allotments were approved and those where applications were rejected. Detail information regarding individual application whether declared eligible or rejected or earnest money refunded is available on the website of Industries Deptt. and website of DSIIDC. The same can be obtained by accessing to the website of Industries Deptt. :-


Of late, large number of applicants whose applications for allotment of plot/flat under the relocation scheme were rejected have been making representations for reconsideration/reopening of their applications. This is despite the fact that an opportunity to appeal for rejection was afforded to all such persons. The last date for filing such representations was fixed as 15th of February, 2001. No request for reconsideration after 15.2.2001 is being considered as per the policy decision.

Opening or reconsideration of such rejected applications on piece meal basis is not in conformity with the policy as well as principles of natural justices. Therefore, no applications for reconsideration received after 15.2.01 is being considered.

Contact for further details : Shri J.S. Choudhary

Joint Commissioner of Industries.

Phone – +91-11- 22157018

Promotion of Traditional Industries like handlooms,handicrafts and Leather goods

Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi has special programme for promotion of Handloom and Handicrafts Industries sectors.

A. Handlooms :

Assistance is being provided to the Handloom Sector for promotion, development and modernization through the following approved plan schemes of the Department and also centrally sponsored Plan Schemes.

Assistance to Primary Handloom Weaver’s Co-operative Societies and Apex Handloom Co-operative Federations.
  • Technical guidance to Weavers through Weavers Service Centre at Bharat Nagar.
  • Thrift Fund-cum- Saving Security Scheme & Group Insurance Scheme, Bunker Bima Yojna, Health Insurance Scheme for Handloom Weavers.
  • Loans and Grants to Handloom Weavers Cooperative Societies for Modernization of Handlooms etc.
  • A Centrally Sponsored Scheme viz Integrated Handloom Development Scheme.
  • Group approach for Development of Handlooms like Assistance for Development of Handloom Clusters
  • Marketing Incentive Scheme and Strengthening of Handloom Organizations
  • Sponsoring of 6 candidates for 3 years Diploma in Handloom Technology at Indian Institute of Handloom Technology, Jodhpur and Integrated Handloom Training Programme for weavers.
  • Marketing support through regular Handloom & Handicraft Bazars, organizing District Level Exhibitions, sponsoring Handloom Apex corporative federations for participation in National Handloom Expos/Fares/ Exhibitions etc.
Weavers Colony at Bharat Nagar :-

Department of Industries has set up a Weavers Colony at Bharat Nagar in 1976 on an area of 4.84 acres of land where 28 work sheds were got constructed out of which 20 sheds were allotted to 21 selected primary cooperative societies and Cooperative Bank and 8 work sheds to the Govt. of India for running Weavers service Centre for the benefit of handloom weavers.

Weaver's Service Centre :-

The Govt. of India at Weavers Colony, Bharat Nagar, has setup this centre to provide Research & Development Facilities, design assistance, training to weavers as well as various other technical guidance to the interested Handloom Weavers.

Weavers Colony at Nand Nagri:-

Department of Industries has also set up a weavers Colony at Nand Nagri in 1983 on an area of 2.6 acres of land where 8 work sheds were got constructed out of which 5 ½ sheds were allotted to primary handloom cooperative societies and ½ Shed to Office, ½ shed to Delhi State Cooperative Bank, 1½ sheds to Society for Self Employment.

B. Handicrafts :

Assistance is being provided to the Handicraft Sector for promotion, development and modernization in the following manner:

1. With a view to protect the traditional heritage of handicrafts, training to artisans in different crafts is being imparted through Apprenticeship Training Schemes run by the Department under the guidance of Master Crafts persons in different crafts disciplines viz. Hand Embroidery, Metal Engraving, Clay Modeling, Marble Sculpture, Beeds Work, Mithila Painting, Madhubani Painting, Terracotta Pottery etc.

2. The Department is also running the following Training Centres at Weavers Colony, Bharat Nagar, Delhi to preserve the traditional heritage of the handicrafts.

i. Paper Craft & Papier Mache Centre for girls (two years duration) for providing training in paper craft and paper Mache, painting, clay modeling, doll making & dress designing etc.

In addition, the Department has also decided to start the following short term courses.

(a) Six month course in Doll Making & Doll Dress Designing.

(b) Three months course in Paper Craft & Paper Designing.

ii. Carpet Weaving and Training Centre for providing training in Carper Weaving, Daree Weaving, and Designing Etc. (one year duration) for both boys & girls.

In addition, the Department has also decided to start the following short term courses.

(a) Six month course in Textile Designing.

(b) Three months course in Macramé Craft Designing.

The trainees of these centers are paid monthly stipend of Rs. 400/- for the duration of the training course.

C. Marketing support is being provided through DSIIDC :

D. Following categories of State Awards are also given to Master Craftsperson every year for their outstanding contribution in the field and excellent handicraft item(s).

i. State Awards: 3 Rs.25,000/- each

ii. Merit Awards 5 Rs.15,000/- each

iii. Consolation prizes: 10 Rs.10,000/- each

The Department also sponsors entries of excellent craft items to Govt. of India for National Award and Guru Shilp Award.

E. To promote sale of handlooms, handicrafts, leather goods etc. Handloom & Handicrafts Bazaars are being organized at regular intervals at different locations in Delhi for the benefit of Handloom Leather Handicraft artisans of Delhi.

Flatted Factories for Leather Goods at Wizirpur Industrial Area :

The Department of Industries had constructed Flatted Factories for Leather Goods in 1978 at B-72, Wazirpur Industrial Area, Delhi. The complex has 127 modules ranging from 200 to 800 sq. It area allotted to Leather Artisans / Units or rental basis.

A Common Facility Centre and a Training Centre for Leather Workers are also functioning in this complex.

Common Facility Centre :-

i. A Common Facility Centre has been established at the Flatted Factories complex for Leather Goods at Wazirpur Industrial Area and Flatted Factory complex at Rani Jhansi Road for the benefit of leather units/Artisans, who mostly belong to SC/ST and Weaker Sections of the societies.

ii. A six months training course in Footwear and Leather Goods Manufacturing is conducted at Flatted Factories Complex at Wazirpur Industrial Area. The trainees of this course are paid a monthly stipend of Rs. 400/- for the duration of the training course.

iii. Industries Department is proposed to implement a new scheme from this financial year 2007-08 namely “Market Development Assistance Scheme for Leather Cooperative Societies in Delhi”.

For further details Contact :

Joint Commissioner of Industries

O/o The Commissioner of Industries

PHONE - +91-11-22157033

Self Employment Scheme for educated unemployed youth of school and college dropouts

Educated unemployed youth and school/ college dropouts constitute a sizeable percentage who are unable to contribute due to lack of technical knowledge and financial support. Delhi Government has launched a scheme which envisages conversion of energy of such youths, through skill formation / upgradation, to enable them to take up self employment. The Scheme mainly targets school dropouts having passed 8th standard, 10th standard and college dropouts. Training modules of three months duration in various trades such as Fashion Designing, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, Beauty Parlor & Hair Dressing, Radio & T.V. Repair, Mobile & Computer Repairing, Electric House-Wiring etc. have been designed. The focus, therefore, will be on skill formation and entrepreneur development, basic component of which would be:

  • Skill formation
  • Elements of book keeping
  • Simple knowledge of marketing
  • Acquaintance with product costing
  • Familiarization with project financing by banks and other financial institutions.

During the training period, the expenditure likely to be incurred by the Training Institutions like course fee, training material expenses or any other relevant expenditure to be incurred shall be reimbursed /paid by the Industries Department, Govt. of NCT of Delhi.

For imparting training to the sponsored candidates, the following Training Institutions have been tied-up:-

  • Tool Room & Training Centre, Wazirpur Industrial Area.
  • Hi-Tech vocational Training Centre, Okhla Industrial Area.
  • Society for Self-Employment, FFC, Jhandewalaan.
  • SISI / Process-cum-Product Development Centre, Govt. of India, Okhla.
  • Selected Polytechnics and Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs) of Directorate of Technical Education.
  • Footwear & Leather Goods Training Centre, Wazirpur Industrial Area.
  • Carpet Weaving & Training Centre, Weavers Colony, Bharat Nagar.
  • Paper Craft & Papier Machie Centre, Weavers Colony, Bharat Nagar.

After completion of the training, the candidate can approach the financing institutions concerned including Delhi Khadi & Village Industries Board to avail the financial assistance under the Plan Scheme for providing opportunities for Self-Employment for Educated Unemployed Youths being implemented through DKVIB, as per the scheme guidelines approved by the Govt. of Delhi.

The present level of financial assistance under the scheme is to the extent of Rs. 2.00 lacs as loan in individual cases at the rates of interest as fixed by the Govt. from time to time The Delhi Govt. would provide subsidy @ 15% of the project cost subject to a ceiling of Rs. 7,500/- per entrepreneur. The repayment of loan would range from 3 to 7 years after a maximum initial moratorium of 12 months from the date of release of loan.

Rajiv Gandhi Swavalaman Rozgar Yojna.

Financial Assistance up to Rs. 2.00 lakhs is provided to individual entrepreneurs, artisans and trained professionals under Secondary, Tertiary and Services Sectors. The loan carried interest @ 9.5 per annum through the Delhi Khadi and Village Industries Board.

Rebate on sale of Khadi Cloth :

To promote and popularize the use of Khadi Cloth, the Govt. of Delhi has allowed Rebate @ 10% on sale of Khadi Cloth through the KVIC & DKVIB Certified and approved sale outlets of Khadi Bhandars in the National Capital Territory of Delhi for a period of 90 working days on the eve of Gandhi Jayanti starting from 2nd October.

Pradhan Mantri Rojgar Yojna - revised Guidelines

Objective :-

Pradhan Mantri Rozgar Yojna (PMRY) for providing self-employment to educated unemployed youth of economically weaker sections has been in operation since October 2, 1993. The scheme aims at assisting the eligible youth in setting up self-employment ventures in industry service & business sectors. The scheme intends to cover urban and rural area.

Eligibility/Parameters:- Age:

i 18 to 35 years for all educated unemployed.

ii 18 to 45 years for Scheduled Castes/Scheduled Tribes, Ex-servicemen, Physically Disabled and Women.

2. Educational Qualification:

VIII Pass. Preference will be given to those who have been trained for any trade in Government recognized / approved institutions for duration of at least 6 months.

(a) Family Income :

Neither the income of the beneficiary alongwith the spouse nor the income of parents of the beneficiaries shall exceed Rs. 1,00,000/- per annum.

(b) Residence:

Permanent resident of the area of at least 3 years. (Relaxed for married men in Meghalaya and for married women in rest of the country. For married men in Meghalaya and for married women in rest of the country, the residency criteria applies to the spouse or in-laws).

(c) Defaulter:

Should not be a defaulter to any Nationalized bank / financial institution/coop. bank. Further, a person already assisted under other subsidy linked Govt. schemes would not be eligible under this scheme.

(d) Activities Covered:

All economically viable activities including agriculture and allied activities but excluding direct agricultural operations like raising Crop, purchase of manure etc. as per the permissible locational parameters prescribed in the Master Plan Delhi-2021.

(e) Project Cost:

Rs. 2.00 lacs for business / service sector and Rs. 5.00 lacs for industry sector, loan to be of composite nature. If two or more eligible persons join together in a partnership, project upto Rs. 10.00 lacs are covered. Assistance shall be limited to individual admissibility.

Self Help Groups can be considered for assistance under the scheme provided :

  • Educated Unemployed Youth satisfy the eligibility criteria laid down under the scheme volunteer to form SHG to set up self-employed ventures (Common Economic Activity- as permissible locational parameters of MPD-2021).
  • A Self Help Group may consist of 5-20 educated unemployed youth.
  • No upper ceiling on project cost.
  • Loan may be provided as per individual eligibility taking into account requirement of the project.
  • SHG may undertake common economic activity for which loan is sanctioned without resorting to onward lending to its members.
  • The subsidy ceiling for Self Help Group is Rs.15,000/- per beneficiary subject to a minimum of Rs. 1.25 lacs per Self Help Group.
  • Required margin money contribution (i.e. subsidy and margin to be equal to 20% of the project cost) should be brought in by the SHG collectively.
  • The exemption limit for obtention of collateral security will be Rs. 5.00 lacs per borrowal account for projects under industry sector. Exemption from collateral will be limited to an amount of Rs. 2.00 lacs per member of SHG for projects under Service & Business Sectors. Banks may consider enhancement in limit of exemption of collateral in deserving cases.
  • Implementing agencies may decide necessity of pre-disbursal training for all the members / majority of the members of the Group.

Subsidy & Margin Money:

Subsidy will be limited to 15% of the project cost subject to ceiling of Rs. 12.500/- per entrepreneur. Banks will be allowed to take margin money from the entrepreneur varying from 5% to 16.25% of the project cost so as to make the total of the subsidy and the margin money equal to 20% of the project cost.


Hypothecation / mortgage / pledge of assets created out of loan amount.

No collateral for units in industry sector with project cost upto Rs. 5.00 lacs. (the loan ceiling under the PMRY). For partnership projects under industry sector, the exemption limit for obtention of collateral security will be Rs. 5.00 lacs per borrower account. For units in service and business sector no collateral for project upto Rs. 2.00 lacs. Exemption from collateral in case of partnership project will also be limited to an amount of Rs. 2.00 lacs per person participating in the project cost.

Rate of Interest & Repayment Schedule:

Normal rate of interest shall be charged. Repayment schedule may range from 3 to 7 years after an initial moratorium as may be prescribed.


Preference should be given to weaker sections including women. Assistance to SC/ST beneficiaries should be targeted in such a manner that they are benefited in proportion to their population in the respective district / State. However, the number of SC / ST beneficiaries should not be less than 22.5% and 27% for Other Backward Class (OBCs) as is currently envisaged in the PMRY. In case SC / ST/ OBC candidates are not available, States / UTs Govt. will be competent to consider other categories of candidates under PMRY.

PMRY has been decentralized for the purpose of implementation to 9 districts of Delhi with effect from 1st April 1998 at the level of nine Deputy Commissioners. Application Forms are available free of cost with the respective Deputy Commissioner’s Office as per the addresses given below. Duly filled in Application Forms with all relevant supporting documents are to be submitted to the Deputy Commissioner of the respective districts where the applicant intends to set up his/ her venture. The interviews by the Task Force Committee will be conducted under the Chairmanship of Deputy Commissioner in their respective office:

Application form

Name and Address Phone
Dy. Commissioner (North),1 Kripa Narain Marg, Delhi +91-11-23943048 
Dy. Commissioner (North East), DSIIDC Complex, Opp. Gagan Cinema, Nand Nagari, Delhi. +91-11-22122732
Dy. Commissioner (South), M.B. Road, Saket, New Delhi. +91-11-29535025
Dy. Commissioner (South West), Old Terminal Tax Building, Kapashera, Delhi. +91-11-25065633
Dy. Commissioner (East), L.M. Bundh, Shastri Park, Delhi. +91-11-22421656
Dy. Commissioner (Central), 14, Darya Ganj, Old Employment Exchange, New Delhi. +91-11-23282903
Dy. Commissioner (North West), Vill. Kanjhawala, Delhi. +91-11-25953785
Dy. Commissioner (New Delhi), 12/1, Jam Nagar House, New Delhi. +91-11-23386982
Dy. Commissioner (West), Old Middle School Building, Ram Pura, Delhi. +91-11-27396629

Industrial Pollution Control

In pursuance of the Supreme Court order of December 1997 MC Mehta Vs. Union of India, 15 Common Effluent Treatment Plants are to be established by the CETP societies so as to cover 28 approve indl. Areas. It would be the responsibility of the societies to construct, operate and maintain these plants and control the quality of effluents discharged by the industries within the prescribed parameters. For this purpose, the Govt. of Delhi has realsed Rs. 22.5 crores and Central Govt. has released another Rs. 22.5 crores being 50% of the capital cost of all these 15 CEPT’s. The remaining 50% of the capital cost i.e. Rs. 45 crore and subsequent annual operational and maintenance charges are to be borne by these societies. In case these societies so desire they can obtain a loan upto 30% of capital cost from the IDBI or any other financial institution.

15 CEPT’s are to be constructed in the following industrial areas.

  • Mohan Co-operative Industrial Area
  • Okhla Industrial Area
  • Jhimil Industrial Area
  • Anand Parbat Industrial Area
  • Badli Industrial Area
  • SMA Industrial Area
  • GT Karnal Road Industrial Area
  • Lawrance Road Industrial Area
  • Najafgarh Industrial Area
  • Nangloi Industrial Area
  • Mongal Puri Industrial Area
  • Naraina Industrial Area
  • Wazipur Industrial Area
  • Mayapuri Industrial Area

Women Entrepreneurs Cell

Keeping in view the policy of the Govt. of India for encouraging entrepreneurship among women, the Industries Department of Govt. of Delhi has set up a special Women Entrepreneurs Cell.

The Cell helps women entrepreneurs in getting their cases cleared on priority. Briefly, the Cell has the following functions and implements the following schemes:-

(i) With a view to raise the economic standard of the family, the Department grants registration for the industries commonly run by women entrepreneurs in their houses. For this purpose 121 Household Industries have been identified.

(ii) The Industries Department is running a Society for self-Employment to impart Training of Twelve month duration in Fashion Designing for women.

(iii) A two years course in Paper Crafts & Papier Mache items is being run in the Paper Craft and Papier Mache Centre, besides some short term Training Courses exclusively for women.

(iv) The Department of Industries has started the following scheme under the 11th Plan to give assistance to women entrepreneurs:-

(a) Financial assistance of Rs.1.00 lac to Women Entrepreneurs in individual cases for Self employment to set up manufacturing unit :-

The subsidy component under this scheme would be 15% to General Category & 25% Disadvantage Categories like Widow / Divorcee / Physically Handicapped / SC/ST/OBC subject to the maximum amount of subsidy in all these cases will be to the extent of Rs. 15,000/- only. The loan component carries the interest @ 9.5% per annum and 2% additional interest in case of default at present which is subject to change from time to time as per the Govt. norms.

Every year applications from Women Entrepreneurs residing in Delhi continuously for the last three years in the age group of 18-45 years whose family income is below Rs. 48,000/- per annum and minimum educational qualification of 8th class pass are invited in the prescribed application form for giving financial assistance to Women Entrepreneurs through advertisement appeared in the leading newspapers.

Prescribed application form is available free of cost at one window service in the Reception Counter of the Department.

Applicant is required to submit NOC from “High Powered Committee” of the MCD, proof of ownership of the premises, agreement alongwith two sureties of responsible person (either income tax payee or Govt. Servant) before disbursement of financial assistance.

Udyog Sadan :-

The Department of Industries has a plan scheme to construct a composite office building named "Udyog Sadan" for providing requisite assistance to the entrepreneurs. The proposal is aimed to accommodate the offices of concerned authorities connected with Industrial Development under one roof as well as to save them from high market rents being paid against rented building. In this Udyog Sadan building, offices of the Commissioner of Industries, Delhi Financial Corporation (DFC), Delhi Khadi & Village Industries Board (DKVIB) and Delhi State Industrial Development Corporation (DSIDC) and exhibition halls etc. will be accommodated. The Department of Industries has a piece of land (Plot No.419) measuring 18,225/- in Patparganj Industrial Estate, Delhi. The total cost of the project (Udyog Sadan Building) is anticipated to be about Rs.2000 lakhs which will be shared by all the beneficiaries/ concerned authorities in proportion to their space requirement. The work of construction has already been entrusted to DSIDC.

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