Quality Marking Section (Q.M.S) House Hold Electrical Appliances

The House-Hold Electrical Appliances (Quality Control) Order 1981 was notified on 12th Nov., 1981 by the Central Government under Section-3 of the Essential Commodities Act. 1955, The principal objective of this Quality Control Order is to ensure safety and full protection against hazards to users of Electrical Appliances as well as to ensure that the manufacturers maintain the specified standards laid down by the Bureau of Indian Standards. Accordingly, 40 items of House-Hold Electrical Appliances were brought under the said Quality Control Order 1981 in the National Capital Territory of Delhi. Commissioner of Industries has been designated as the Appropriate Authority.

The Quality Control Cell of Household Electrical Appliances and Quality control Laboratory is functioning at B-72, Flatter Factories Complex Wazirpur Industrial Area, Delhi-110052.

  1. The Department issues Manufacturers Certificate under HHEA (Quality Control) order, 1981 to eligible manufacturers.
  2. The Department has set up a Testing Laboratory to check the quality of the items/ goods produced by the manufacturers of Electrical Appliances. The facility of testing is available to the manufacturers on payment of the prescribed testing charges.
  3. Periodic survey/inspections are conducted and samples checked/tested by the Department to enforce the said Quality Control Order. In addition to the above, the Industries Department is also implementing the following Quality Control Orders.
  • Electrical Wires, Cables, Appliances and Protective Devices and Accessories (Quality Control) Order 2003.
  • Oil Pressure Stove (Quality Control) Order 1987).

The Quality Control Laboratory (Electrical) setup at B-72, Flatted Factories for Leather Goods Complex, Wazirpur Industrial Area, Delhi has been Accreditated in accordance with the standard ISO/IEC-17025-2005 in the field of “Electrical Testing” vide certificate No. T-1298 dated 26.06.2007 from the National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL), Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of India.

In order to maintain the Quality of various products to ensure safety of the consumers, the Department is implementing various Quality Control Orders.

  1. Household Electrical Appliance (Quality Control) Order, 1981 Click here for list of items
  2. Electrical Wires, Cables, Appliances and accessories (Quality Control) Order, 1993.
    General service Electric Lamps (Quality Control) Order 1989
  3. Oil Pressure Stoves (Quality Control) Order 1997
  4. Non Pressure Stoves (Quality Control) Order 1991

These orders are issued under essential Commodities Act, 1995.

Functions :-

  • The section is enforcing the above said orders in National Capital Territory of Delhi.
  • Issue/Renewal of manufacturer's certificates (DI/QC/M --) under H.E.A(Quality Control) Order 1981
  • Provides testing facility to electrical items covered under Household Electrical Appliance (QC) Order 1981 & 1993


  • All The Manufacturers Are Advised Not To Manufacture Any Electrical Appliances/oil Pressure Stoves/non Oil Pressure Stoves Without Getting Quality Control Certificates Or Isi Mark From Bureau Of Indian Standard Where Ever Applicable As Per Above Said Various Quality Control Orders.
  • All The Traders/wholesalers/stockiest Are Advised Not To Store Or Sell Any Product Covered Under Above Said Quality Control Orders And Which Do Not Bear The Di/qc/m—Or Isi Mark.
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