Welfare Trust

Welfare Trust
Delhi Pharmacy Council
DPC Registered Pharmacist Welfare Trust (Regd.)
Govt. of NCT of Delhi, Room No. 198, Old Secretariat, Delhi-54.


Delhi Pharmacy Council is glad to inform you that Delhi Pharmacy Council Registered Pharmacists Welfare Trust (Regd.) has been created on 23.02.2004 and introduced a scheme for the benefits of the Registered Pharmacists in Delhi in order to extend the services of giving financial security to the survivors of Registered Pharmacists in the event of Death of the Pharmacists upto the tune of Rs. 50000/-(Rupees Fifty Thousand only) and will further be extended to the ailing Registered Pharmacists for their medical needs and many more Welfare Scheme depending on the response as mentioned in the objectives of the Trust. No doubt it is not a mandatory but whole scheme is for the welfare of the regd. Pharmacists.

This is the first Scheme of its kind in the Govt. of N.C.T. of Delhi, for the welfare of the Pharmacists approved by the 5th Delhi Pharmacy Council members. We hope you will appreciate this scheme and enroll yourself as one of the member and also ask your fellow Pharmacists to become the member of this trust.

Registered Pharmacists Welfare Trust (REGD.)



Sr. No. Name of the Trustees Council Member
1 Sh. Surender Mohan Sharma do
2 Sh. Inder Singh Chauhan do
3 Sh. Ajay Sharma do
4 Sh.Kuldeep Dabas do
5 Sh. Revati Prasad Sharma do
6 Sh. Sunil Kumar Dhankar do
7 Vacant
8 Dr. S.S. Aggarwal do
9 Sh. O.P. Rakheja do
10 Sh. A.K. Adhikari do
11 Sh. Pankaj Gogia do
12 Dr. Mrs. Shobna Das do
13 Dr. Jilie Devi do
14 Drug Controller, Delhi do
15 Vacant

Trust Managing Commitee

Sr. No. Name of the Trustees Council Member
1 Sh. Surender Mohan Sharma President of the Council
2 Sh. Kuldeep Singh Dabas Vice President of the Council
3 Sh. Ajay Sharma Executive Menber of the Council
4 Sh. Sunil Dhankhar Executive Menber of the Council
5 Sh. Pankaj Gogia Executive Menber of the Council

Manganing Trustee

Sr. No. Name of the Trustees Council Member
1 Sh. S.L. nasa Registrar of the Concil

Objects Of The Trust

The main objectives of this trust are:

  • To Give financial security to the survivors of the family of the registered pharmacist in the event of his/her death up to Rs. 50000/-(Rs. Fifty Thousand only).
  • To Create Drug Information center for consumers.
  • To provide financial assistance for education of needy children of economically weak Pharmacists on merit basis.
  • To award best Pharmacy & Best Pharmacist award every year.
  • To extend financial assistance to meet the hospitalization and treatment expenses of diseases like cancer, AIDS, Hepatitis B, Open Heart Surgery Kidney Transplantation, or any other serious condition confirmed by the specialist, as per the discretion of the trust.

Note: - The Trust may frame rules for the proper administration of the Trust but such rules shall not be against the objective of the Trust.


This scheme is applicable to the registered pharmacists in Delhi Pharmacy Council who have paid the registration fees in full and his/her registration is in force at Delhi State Pharmacy Council for enrollment or for claiming benefit in the event of death in the first instance.


The membership fees shall be Rs. 1250/- as one time contribution with Rs. 250/- as enrollment charges with the application. The amount of contribution can be varied if so desired by the trustees from time to time. The total amount of Rs. 1500/- (Rs. One thousand Five Hundred only) will be paid in the form of Bank Draft/banker’s Cheque/ Cheque in favour of “Delhi Pharmacy Council Registered Pharmacists Welfare Trust (Regd.)” payable at Delhi

Modus Operandi

The scheme will start on the day of payment of prescribed contribution by the members and will be applicable after one year of paying the amount towards the Welfare Trust by the Registered Pharmacist. The scheme will continue as long as he/she continues to be the registered Pharmacist under Delhi Pharmacy Council. The contribution shall be kept in State Bank of India/ Security Bonds/Fixed Deposits wherever the interest is maximum beneficial to the trust at the time of investment.

How To Apply

The Registered Pharmacists will apply for the membership in the prescribed form available in the council office along with full details and attach the following documents to become member of the Trust.

  • Prescribed Application Form.
  • Bank Draft/Banker’s Cheque/Cheque in favour of “DPC Registered Pharmacists Welfare Trust (Regd.)” of Rs. 1500/-
  • 2 Passport size Photograph.
  • 1 Photocopy of Registration Certificate duly attested.
  • 1 Photocopy of Matriculation or Higher Secondary Certificate showing date of birth.

How To Get The Financial Assistance

In Case of the death of Pharmacist, application for claim for financial assistance will be allowed as follows:

  • The Registered Pharmacist who have enrolled themselves below the age of 60.
  • The Scheme will be applicable after one year of paying the amount towards the Welfare Scheme by Registered Pharmacist.
  • The Scheme will not be applicable who have crossed the age of 65 at the time of the claim of financial Assistance in case of death of a Pharmacist.
  • Rs. 50000/-will be paid to the nominee of the Registered pharmacist as mentioned in the application form by the Registered Pharmacist in case of the death of the Pharmacist.

Terms & Conditions (Rules)

  • The welfare scheme will be applicable in the event of the Death of the Pharmacist at present, however the trust will reconsider the proposal to ailing pharmacist as and when there will be sufficient funds with the trust.
  • The amount of Rs. 50000/- will be paid in the event of death of registered pharmacist.
  • The welfare scheme will be applicable to those registered pharmacists who are below the age of 60 years, benefits will be given upto the age of 65 years.
  • Death Certificate from Delhi Corporation or competent authority is to be produced by the nominee of the registered Pharmacist.
  • The amount paid for Welfare Trust scheme will not be refundable even after the completion of age of 65 years i.e. Rs. 1250/- as lump-sump for once & Rs. 250/- as membership fees.
  • The Scheme will be applicable after one year of paying the amount towards the welfare scheme by the Registered Pharmacist.
  • Change of Nomination if any afterwards will be accepted in case the first nominee is not required by the Registered Pharmacist.
  • The decision of the trust will be final & will not be challenged in the court of law.
  • The payment towards the Welfare Scheme will be accepted through demand draft in favour of “DPC Regd. Pharmacist Welfare Trust (Regd.)
  • The Scheme will be not mandatory.

NOTE: - Enrolment For The Welfare Trust Membership Is Mandatory For The Pharmacists Registering For Fresh Registration.

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